Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 07-05-2019

BIG | BRAVE : Hol­ding Pat­tern (A Gaze Among Them) Sou­thern Lord
Ufo­mam­mut : Psyr­cle (8) Neu­rot
Motor­psy­cho : Man­mower (Road­work vol 5: Field notes, Euro­pe 2017) Stick­man
Raw Mate­ri­al : Time and Illu­si­on (Raw Mate­ri­al) Evo­lu­ti­on
Was­ted Cathe­dral : Mean­Streets Dub (Atmo­s­phe­ric Han­go­ver) Car­di­nal Fuzz
Bea­ten By Hip­pies : Bea­ten By Hip­pies (Bea­ten By Hip­pies) Pol­der­re­cords
Fear Falls Bur­ning : II (Func­tion Col­lap­se) Con­souling

Art­work : Fear Falls Bur­ning

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