In the garden of unearthly delights

Sonnendeck am Pumptrack, 52 Grad e.V.,
An der Ostbahn 8, 10243         map
Between S Ostbahnhof and S Warschauer,
near Metro (the shop).

April 27.
Early show!
Doors 5 p.m.,
Doom 5:30 p.m.,
End 10 p.m.

No presale. Just get there.
Soli-DIY price 15-25e to cover costs.


Open Air D.I.Y. ritual in the shadows of the Edge East Side Tower (aka “PIGS”) with beer, grass and riffs.
Serious underground gathering to all things heavy. This year with:
✞✞✞ Sunrise Patriot Motion
Death / Gothic Rock – Beacon, NY, USA
Latest album “Black Fellflower Stream ” out June 2022.
✞✞✞ Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree
Psych Doom / Post Metal – Stuttgart, GER
Latest album “Aion” out August 2023 via Magnetic Eye Records.
✞✞✞ Unbound
Doomcore (since 1996) – Stuttgart, GER
✞✞✞ Sloff
Sleepy Stoner Doom – Berlin
(If the weather will be very wet we postpone it to Sa., 4th May 2024.)
Pls take care and protect the ears of your kids and pls let Hundi stay home if possible.
Presented by
52 Grad e.V.