The Wicked Lady Show 34: The Wicked LADIES of Doom… (Part II)

WL 34

Royal Thunder – No Good (Mlny Parsonz),
Uzala – Ice Castle (Darcy Nutt – vocals & guitars),
Kröwnn – For the Throne of Fire (Silvia Selvaggia Rossato – bass, La Fiorenz – drums),
Spacegoat – Cosmica (Gina Ríos – vocals & guitar),
Torpor – Bled Dry (Lauren Mason – bass, Natts Spada – vocals),
Blood Ceremony – Coven Tree ( Alia O’ Brien – vocals),
Shinin’ Shade – Through the Wires of Your Mind (Jane Esther-Collins – vocals),
SaturninE – Abyss (Jex – bass, Giulia – guitars, Laura – vocals, Samantha – guitars),
Bismuth – The Eternal Marshes (Tanya – bass & vocals)


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