Episode 177

  1. Northern Crown – Chasing the Sun
  2. Essenz – Amortal Abstract
  3. Villagers Of Ioannina City – Ti kako
  4. Praise The Plague – Antagonist
  5. Vessel of Light – Day of Rest
  6. Author & Punisher – Night Terror
  7. Krakow – From Fire From Stone
  8. Shayk – 313
  9. Deadbird – Heyday

All right. That’s it. I need a break. There will be no more new shows at least until the end of this year, probably for longer.

The reasons that led me to make this decision are many. Most of them are associated with the overall time it takes to create the shows, and what’s more, the annoying part of this time outweighs the rewarding fun part of it too much for too long now.

If, when and how the show will return I cannot say yet.

The website will stay up until I have come to a decision for the Wicked Lady’s future. Maybe I’ll post some other things from time to time. I will still try write reviews on Metalbandcamp and post the links here too.

… and hey, there’s still The Shreiks From Below … they will continue to play the old shows once a week at the usual time: 5pm UK, 6pm CET, 12am EST. So there’s at least a kind of an echo of the Wicked Lady.

Many thanks to you, the bands, labels, PR people, who provided me with the material for the shows, and thanks to you who listened to and enjoyed the shows.
I love you all.

~ Ulla

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