CD for Free! – Rorcal/Heliogabalus (320 kbit/s)


Band wri­tes: Going right out of infer­no, HLGBLS is a 70 minu­tes song which illus­tra­tes
the deca­dence of the Roman emperor, Helioga­ba­lus.
This time Ror­cal is going ways fur­ther than befo­re, with crus­hing doom parts,
inclu­ding long hel­lish dro­ning fields.
This album is sca­ry, real­ly aggres­si­ve, com­ple­te­ly gloo­my.
Be sure, you never heard some­thing like that, and you never will.
If you’re loo­king for some­thing real­ly extre­me, this is exac­t­ly what you need.

my com­ment: Be shu­re I’ve heard things like this befo­re!
I love to hear such!!!

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