The Wicked Lady’s HDDT Show Part I + II

Part I


Wicked Lady’s HDDT Show Part I

Sang­re De Muer­da­go – O Caba­lo Negro
Yuri Gaga­rin – Za Kos­mo­som
Switch­b­la­de – Move­ment II
Eagle Twin – Lor­ca (Ald­an)
Orans­si Pazu­zu – Uraa­ni­s­u­la
Vid­un­der – Your Ghost
Dread Sov­er­eign – Cathars To Their Doom
Leech­feast – Exhaus­ted, but Smi­ling
Abys­mal Grief – Hid­den in the Gra­vey­ard
Noc­tum – Mistress
Loss – Cut Up, Depres­sed And Alo­ne
Glit­ter Wizard – Space
Shadow Of The Tor­tu­rer – Yaks of Sodom
Alde­ba­ran – Beasts at the Thro­ne

Part II


Wicked Lady’s HDDT Show Part II

Demon Head – Win­ter­land
Iso­le – Come to Me
Dopelord – Green Pla­gue
The Body – The City of the Magni­ficent Jewel
Witch­sor­row – God Cur­se Us
Gra­ves At Sea – Con­fes­si­on
Nights­lug – On Fiel­ds Of May­hem
Sourvein – Fol­low the Light
Dou­ble­stone – The End­less Line
Skep­ti­cism – The Arri­val
White­hor­se – No Pas­sa­ge
Pur­p­le Hill Witch – Alche­my
Of The Wand & The Moon – Sun­spot
Goa­tess – Alpha Ome­ga
Sab­bath Assem­bly – I, Satan
The Gra­via­tors – Nar­row Min­ded Bas­tards
Baby Wood­ro­se – Pan­do­ra
Uza­la – Tene­ment of the Lost
Wind­hand – Orchard

Back­ground­mu­sic: Sang­re De Muer­da­go – O Caba­lo Negro

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