The Wicked Lady’s HDDT Show Part I + II

Part I


Wicked Lady’s HDDT Show Part I

Sangre De Muerdago – O Cabalo Negro
Yuri Gagarin – Za Kosmosom
Switchblade – Movement II
Eagle Twin – Lorca (Aldan)
Oranssi Pazuzu – Uraanisula
Vidunder – Your Ghost
Dread Sovereign – Cathars To Their Doom
Leechfeast – Exhausted, but Smiling
Abysmal Grief – Hidden in the Graveyard
Noctum – Mistress
Loss – Cut Up, Depressed And Alone
Glitter Wizard – Space
Shadow Of The Torturer – Yaks of Sodom
Aldebaran – Beasts at the Throne

Part II


Wicked Lady’s HDDT Show Part II

Demon Head – Winterland
Isole – Come to Me
Dopelord – Green Plague
The Body – The City of the Magnificent Jewel
Witchsorrow – God Curse Us
Graves At Sea – Confession
Nightslug – On Fields Of Mayhem
Sourvein – Follow the Light
Doublestone – The Endless Line
Skepticism – The Arrival
Whitehorse – No Passage
Purple Hill Witch – Alchemy
Of The Wand & The Moon – Sunspot
Goatess – Alpha Omega
Sabbath Assembly – I, Satan
The Graviators – Narrow Minded Bastards
Baby Woodrose – Pandora
Uzala – Tenement of the Lost
Windhand – Orchard

Backgroundmusic: Sangre De Muerdago – O Cabalo Negro

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