Terminal Cheesecake live 11 X 2014 @ Le Biplan, Lille, France

Ter­mi­nal Chees­e­ca­ke for­med in North and East Lon­don in 1988 and was put tog­e­ther by Gary Boni­face (form­er­ly of The Pur­p­le Things and The Vibes). He for­med the band along with Rus­sell Smith and John Job­ba­gy – drum­mer (form­er­ly of The Vibes and Pur­p­le Things)they were the first band signed to the then fledgling Wiiija Records (which later went on to spawn Cor­ner­shop, Sil­ver­fi­sh, Bis and many more lis­tener-friend­ly indie-stal­warts).

 Get them live @ YELLOWSTOCK FESTIVAL!!! 

twis­ting psy­che­de­lic rock, North and East Lon­don, UK


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