Ter­mi­nal Chees­e­ca­ke for­med in North and East Lon­don in 1988 and was put tog­e­ther by Gary Boni­face (form­er­ly of The Pur­p­le Things and The Vibes). He for­med the band along with Rus­sell Smith and John Job­ba­gy – drum­mer (form­er­ly of The Vibes and Pur­p­le Things)they were the first band signed to the then fledgling Wiiija Records (which later went on to spawn Cor­ner­shop, Sil­ver­fi­sh, Bis and many more lis­tener-friend­ly indie-stal­warts).

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twis­ting psy­che­de­lic rock, North and East Lon­don, UK


Foun­ded in 1997 by Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassa­na), Zone Six are one of the first impro-bands of their gen­re (space- & tran­ce­rock) in Euro­pe. The line-up of the band chan­ged very often which made their dis­co­gra­phy very colour­ful but never lea­ving the typi­cal Zone Six man­ner! Also, the Zone Six con­certs are rare so it’s always a kind of psy­che­de­lic hap­pe­ning when they enter the sta­ge.
After 11 years without a pro­per stu­dio­al­bum, ger­man spa­ce­ro­ckers Zone Six are back with the latest album „Love Monster“, which shows the groo­vy psych direc­tion of the cur­rent line-up:
The band now con­sists of foun­der Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassa­na) on drums and key­boards (form­er­ly bass), Komet Lulu on bass and Rai­ner Reeff on gui­tar. All three mem­bers also are in Kraut­zo­ne, Lulu and Sula are the foun­ders of Electric Moon and Rai­ner plays in The Pan­ca­kes.

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psy­che­de­lic rock, Ger­ma­ny

Love Mons­ter released 2015


New Power Trio, hea­vy rol­ling bass­li­nes, was­ter infu­sed gui­tar frea­k­outs held tog­e­ther with steady free­form rhyth­ms.
Made up from mem­bers of BONG, Drunk In Hell, Hai­kai No Ku, 11Paranoias, Khunnt and pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs.

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psy­che­de­lic rock, New­cast­le Upon Tyne, Eng­land

released Febru­a­ry 15, 2016