Episode 180

  1. Gorilla – Scum Of The Earth
  2. Byzanthian Neckbeard – Minaton
  3. Pyramido – Fem
  4. Totengeflüster – Entflamme mich
  5. Reflex Machine – Machina
  6. Eneferens – Weight of the Mind’s Periapt
  7. Gramma Vedetta – Taranto Train To Toronto
  8. Mord’A’Stigmata – Void Within
  9. Monte Luna – Man of Glass
  10. Kal-El – Anoubious
  11. Planet of Zeus – King of the Circus
  12. Tides of Sulfur – Pariah
  13. Kook – Frequency8
  14. Nightfell – (As Now) We Must Succumb
  15. The Glorious Rebellion – Turn Around Bright Eyes
  16. Temple of the Stars – Lands of Old
  17. – Drifting (In a Methane Ocean)

Thanks to All Noir, Dewar PR, Qabar PR, Secret Service Publicity, Qabar PR, Sureshotworx and Inverse Receords.

The intro, outro and background music is from the song Wicked Lady by the band Wicked Lady.


Episode 179

  1. Silver Devil – The Grand Trick
  2. Cranial – Unceising Lack
  3. Spirit Adrift – Born Into Fire
  4. Nyt Liv – Blodet Skygger
  5. Cold Black River – 4 Among the Stars
  6. Weltfremd – Styx
  7. Snake Tongue – Dystopian Slumber
  8. Praise the Plague – Woe
  9. Warsaw Village Band – Leeec
  10. Rakta – Miragem
  11. Burning Gloom – Nightmares
  12. John, The Void – Silent Bearer
  13. Hollow Leg – Hunter and the Hunted
  14. Yerûšelem – Autoimmunity
  15. Mist of Misery – Unalterable
  16. Nechochwen – Winterstrife
  17. Torpor – Enigmatic Demand

Thanks to All Noir, Dewar PR, Qabar PR and Secret Service Publicity.

The intro, outro and background music is from the song Wicked Lady by the band Wicked Lady.

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 Hurray, the Wicked Lady Show is back again!!! 

Episode 178

  1. High Fighter – Kozel
  2. Cruickshank – Clean
  3. Thronehammer – Thronehammer
  4. The Black Wizards – Outlaws
  5. Cold Brats – Broken Birds
  6. Forever Autumn – Tir Na Nog
  7. Helevorn – La Sibil-La
  8. Moab -Fend For Dawn
  9. Redscale – Phoenix
  10. Wills Dissolve – So Do Not Mistake These Ashes
  11. Wasted Theory – Bongronaut
  12. Mattimatti – Cirkel
  13. Downfall of Gaia – The Grotesque Illusion of Being
  14. Age of the Wolf – Witches’ Gallows
  15. Age of the Wolf – Molten Earth
  16. Hope Drone – In Floods & Depths
  17. Witchgöat – Eyes of the Profane
  18. Wayne Hussey (The Mission) – Met-Amor-Phosis

Thanks to All Noir, Dewar PR, Hypnotic Dirge Records, Mettle Media PR and Shameless Promotion PR.

Please find the dates for Wayne Hussey’s European tour here,
and those for Downfall of Gaia there.

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Episode 177

  1. Northern Crown – Chasing the Sun
  2. Essenz – Amortal Abstract
  3. Villagers Of Ioannina City – Ti kako
  4. Praise The Plague – Antagonist
  5. Vessel of Light – Day of Rest
  6. Author & Punisher – Night Terror
  7. Krakow – From Fire From Stone
  8. Shayk – 313
  9. Deadbird – Heyday

All right. That’s it. I need a break. There will be no more new shows at least until the end of this year, probably for longer.

The reasons that led me to make this decision are many. Most of them are associated with the overall time it takes to create the shows, and what’s more, the annoying part of this time outweighs the rewarding fun part of it too much for too long now.

If, when and how the show will return I cannot say yet.

The website will stay up until I have come to a decision for the Wicked Lady’s future. Maybe I’ll post some other things from time to time. I will still try write reviews on Metalbandcamp and post the links here too.

… and hey, there’s still The Shreiks From Below … they will continue to play the old shows once a week at the usual time: 5pm UK, 6pm CET, 12am EST. So there’s at least a kind of an echo of the Wicked Lady.

Many thanks to you, the bands, labels, PR people, who provided me with the material for the shows, and thanks to you who listened to and enjoyed the shows.
I love you all.

~ Ulla

Home of The Wicked Lady: https://wickedlady.net