Zap­pa : Don’t Eat the Yel­low Snow
Kiss : Cold Gin
Thin Liz­zy : Cold Sweat
Bud­gie : Melt the Ice Away
Pret­ty Things : Cold Stone
Jef­fer­son Air­pla­ne :Ice Cream Phoe­nix
Grand Funk : Win­ter And My Soul
Blue Cheer : Fruit & Ice­burgs
Cara­van : Win­ter Wine
Ato­mic Roos­ter : Win­ter
Han­ni­bal : Win­ter
Ton­ton Macou­te : Fly­ing South in Win­ter
Ali­ce Coo­per : Ref­ri­gera­tor Hea­ven
Raw Mate­ri­al : Ice Queen

1. Elec­tric Citi­zen – “Evil” from the forth­co­m­ing album “Higher Time” out April 2016
2. Mondo Drag “Out of Sigh­t” from the forth­co­m­ing album “The Occul­ta­ti­on of Ligh­t” out Feb 2016
3. Slow Sea­son “Day Glo Sun­ri­se” from the album “Slow Sea­son”
4. Salem’s Pot “The Vam­pi­re Strikes Back” (Full Ver­si­on)
5, Zekes “Box” from Brown Acid “The First Trip”
6. Old Man’s Will “Got It” from the album “Hard Times Trou­bled Man”
7. Sons of Huns “Philosopher’s Stone” from the album “While Slee­ping Stay Awa­ke”
8. Spi­ral Shades “Frozen Fear” (Ori­gi­nal­ly per­for­med and writ­ten by Bede­mon)
9. Holy Ser­pent “Shroom Doom” From the album “Holy Ser­pent”
10. Spell­jam­mer “The Path­fin­der” From the album “Ancient of Days”
11. Monolord “Cursing The One” From the Album “¦nir“
12. Black­out “Tannered” from the album “Blackout”
13. The Well “Crawling Mis­t” (McPul­lish Dub Mix)
14. The Pic­turebooks “Learn It the Hard Way” from the album “Ima­gi­na­ry Hor­se”