Shooting Guns – Brotherhood of the Ram

There is a spaceport in Saskatoon in Canada. The Shooting Guns shoot you with there latest release Brotherhood of the Ram from there right into space.
At the first song they start to groove around in orbit.

But then they start the warp drive at the song Motherfuckers Never Learn to really bring you to places more far away in universe. Steady rocking pumping beats, behemoth sounds driving you into space.

And there you are, reached planet Krautrock, then diving into the sea of planet Peace. Soft groovy sounds with lovely organs and synths let you swim around, very laid back.

But afterwards the warp drive is used again at last song No Fans, letting you fly through the galaxies again, passing a black hole and reaching our home planet again, or is it a parallel universe!?
The sounds of Brotherhood of the Ram are so multifaceted, every time I listen to this release it blows my mind in another way.

If you like bands like Carlton Melton, Pharao Overlord or Camera, this recording is highly recommended for you!

Review by FrÄnk

           metal doom heavy psychedelic Saskatoon, Canada

released 15. October 2013