Review: Nonsun – Sun Blind Me

metal doom dro­ne fun­e­ral post-metal sludge Ukrai­ne

released 6 Sep­tem­ber 2013

Let us ven­ture today into the dark and mys­te­rious world of Non­sun, a Duo from Ukrai­ne and their new Ep Sun Blind Me. It is a jour­ney best made on your own, to tra­vel through mis­ty autumn forests and to remem­ber how very much alo­ne you are. Becau­se: you are. Com­ple­te­ly. Utter­ly. Alo­ne.
But let’s not dwell on that, shall we? Let’s talk about this album for a bit. The ope­ner Rain Have Mer­cy starts with an ambi­ent dro­ne befo­re it moves into slow and hea­vy rif­fing that is slud­gy and stoner-ish and tog­e­ther with the ras­py vocals it crea­tes an atmo­s­phe­re that is unex­pec­ted­ly more sad than evil, more melan­cho­ly than sinis­ter.
This chan­ges with For­got­ten Is What Never Was. A bleak and dis­tor­ted pie­ce of sound that makes the litt­le dead girl come craw­ling right out of your tele­vi­si­on only to bleed all over your car­pet. But don’t worry. The car­pet is not real. The girl on the other hand…
This song is, as a mat­ter of fact, the per­fect musi­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on of it’s tit­le. Like a hopeless remin­der of all the rela­ti­ons­hips you never speak off. Becau­se they never hap­pen­ed, obvious­ly. Take Ben­ny for examp­le. Remem­ber Ben­ny? Of cour­se not. Ben­ny never hap­pen­ed. S/He is lying dead in a ditch some­whe­re, the autumn lea­ves fal­ling all around him/her as crows pick at the tas­ty fro­zen eye­balls. Far away in the distance an organ plays a fun­e­ral anthem, just to make sure this wret­ched soul is etern­al­ly for­got­ten. I love that song.
As a side note, Rain Have Mer­cy and For­got­ten Is What Never Was have been taken from Nonsuns first EP Good Old Evil and the two new songs that fol­low are some­what dif­fe­rent inde­ed. It gets a lot more drone‑y and I mean that not in a Sun O))) riff-buil­ding kind of way. If anything this reminds me of Ear­th’s latest Albums: dro­ning noi­ses accom­pa­nied by a sto­ry­tel­ling gui­tar. It sounds dark and vast but the­re is not­hing to fear. From time to time, sun­light falls through the cracks in the sky, illu­mi­na­ting the path in front of you. So you fol­low the music through the darkness until you reach the oce­an, you can hear it from miles away: the swel­ling of the tides, wave on crus­hing wave that rolls upon shore. It eats away stone and earth, car­ry­ing it to the sea. You can see it crack the foun­da­ti­on of ever­ything we’­ve built tog­e­ther and watch it crum­ble. It is an ama­zing sight.
I expec­ted some­thing evil and sinis­ter, ins­tead I got some­thing sad yet beau­ti­ful. Sun Blind Me is label­led an EP but the jour­ney is about 42 minu­tes long and it is tru­ly rich in varie­ty. I sug­gest you take the trip.

Review by Anam

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