We have a lot of gre­at part­ners and sup­por­ters in the Ber­lin under­ground sce­ne that are struggling right now. Here is how you can help: 🎫 🎧🎤🎨🖥📻

Sup­port venues with a dona­ti­on, i.e. Zukunft am Ost­kreuz, SO36, Toast Hawaii, Urban Spree, Wild At Heart
Buy a record or a gift vou­cher, i.e. from BIS AUFS MESSER Record­s­to­re, FDA Records
Buy a ticket for a show or a gift vou­cher, i.e. from KOKA36
Buy music and merch from your favo­ri­te local artists via Band­camp or direc­t­ly from the bands or small merch sup­pliers, i.e. Beckyard-Merch
Deco­ra­te your home with art from your favo­ri­te artists, i.e. Sepsyz Art, Glönn, Cany Car­toon or have them design some­thing uni­que for you
Read a book or poems by your favo­ri­te local wri­ter, i.e. from BHN Books
Get a sub­scrip­ti­on from your favo­ri­te small cine­ma, i.e. Laden­ki­no
Lis­ten to (online) radio, watch cool live per­for­man­ces via stream and cele­bra­te each other

Stay healt­hy! Stay home! Stay strong!

See you on the flip side 🖤??

Pic Credit: Andre­as Steck­mann
Thanks to Swamp Con­spi­ra­cy for the List.