Dear friends, what i have to wri­te today, makes all ome­ga mas­sif mem­bers sad and sick at the same time, but some­ti­mes things deve­lop and some­ti­mes good things end. ome­ga mas­sif is done.

we want to thank ever­yo­ne who sup­por­ted us during the last nine years! all the fans, boo­kers and of cour­se all our labels, who did a gre­at job for us.
a spe­cial thanks goes out to DENOVALI, who did their best to help us with our stuff during the last years. thank you TIMO and THOMAS.

stay tun­ed for our last song, a cover ver­si­on of “don’t bring me flowers” on the upco­m­ing GODFLESH tri­bu­te sam­pler on FOBOBILE RECORDS “fathers of our fle­sh”.
look out for upco­m­ing bands with ome­ga mas­sif mem­bers. very soon. via this fb-account
the­re also will be ONE LAST GOODBYE-SHOW. you will be infor­med about the “when and whe­re”

EDIT: the good­bye-show will be the only show we’ll be play­ing. all other shows are can­cel­led. sor­ry. this sucks. we know.


Andreas/Omega Mas­sif

Free Download! – Omega Massif/Geisterstadt

doom instru­men­tal metal moun­tain­me­tal sludge, Würz­burg, Ger­ma­ny

released 07 August 2007

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