NEW!!! The Wicked Lady Show 70 !!!NEW

Wicked Lady Show 70

The Wicked Lady Show 70

King Raven – Dying Breath
Albinö Rhino – Blue Mist
Deathrite – Born Under A Guillotine
Ice Dragon – Green, Green Grass
White Manna – I’m Comin’ Home
Vermin Womb – You Know Nothing
Sealclubber – Pissing in an Open Wound
Grey Widow – V
Spider Kitten – Burdened
Bilis Negra – Atrabilis
Dying Sun – The Night Sky


The band Sealclubber are currently searching for a second guitarist before they record their debut album in November.
If you think you are the one they are looking for and happen to live in the Black Country or Birmingham area of the UK , please contact the band.

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