NEW!!! The Wicked Lady Show 67 !!!NEW


The Wicked Lady Show 67

Garganjua – Lazy Green
Brain Pyramid – Living in the Outer Space
Norlisk – Potsdam Glo
DrAlienSmith – Underslung
The Bahama Mamas – Inferior
Muscle And Marrow – Spirits
Moosataur – The Endless Void
Ritual Harm – When Day Fades to Night and Push Becomes Shove
Beneath The Storm – Oceans Of Sleep
Swamp Machine – Aghori Ritual

The band BRAIN PYRAMID are looking for a label to release their new album CHASMA HIDEOUT.…, a space trip, full of heavy, psychedelic, fuzzed-out stoner rock energy.
If you are a label or know someone who would be interested in releasing their album, just contact the band.

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