NEW!!! The Wicked Lady Show 50 !!!NEW

Yeah! Show No. 50 is here!
Big Thanks to Ulla, The Wicked Lady, can’t wait for the next 50 great shows!!!

The Wicked Lady Show 50

The Wicked Lady Show 50

Medusa – Rain Un Thunder
Atacama Death Experience – Wasted Time and Broken Bones
Gurt – Gift of the Sun (Limb cover)
Nixa – Superior
Villagers of Ioannina City (VIC) – Tabourla
La Chinga – To Let Silver
Trollkraft – Trolls of Doom
Jarhead Fertilzer – Acceptance/Conditioned/Consuming/Death
Blizzard at Sea – Anomie
In The Company Of Serpents – Of the Flock
Grizzly – The Cultist
Lumbar – Day One
Sea Bastard – Door Sniffer

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