NEW!!! The Wicked Lady Show 102 !!!NEW

The Wicked Lady: I had the great pleasure to catch the three bands on one of their shows as they had been on a European tour together recently. It was one of those rare shows where you don’t only hear great music, but also meet great people and all this happens in a nice cozy place where everything is dipped into a special atmosphere.
So thanks to everyone who was involved in this magical thing, including the lovely people from Stöhr Sound in Mönchengladbach.


The Wicked Lady Show 102

  1. Galvano – Abysmal
  2. Galvano – Hyperion
  3. Galvano – Throne of blood
  4. Snailking – Void
  5. Snailking – To Wander
  6. Zaum – The Serpentshrine

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