More Hope for Japan

9th March 2011 was the start of a bad time for Japan. An ear­th­qua­ke, fol­lo­wed by ano­t­her 2 days later, set the stone rol­ling for a series of actions that affec­ted the coun­try in a more inten­se man­ner than anything else sin­ce World War II. The peop­le behind “Hope for Japan” don’t want to initia­te a deba­te on nuclear power, glo­bal war­ming, or other indi­vi­du­al aspec­ts of what cau­sed Japan­s’ pain, the clas­sic media and news chan­nels have cove­r­ed that from every pos­si­ble per­spec­tive, we want to help.

We are not cal­ling out peop­le to start sen­ding their hard ear­ned money to Japan, alt­hough of cour­se you’re more than wel­co­me to do so, we want to make an offer. Across the world, peop­le par­ti­ci­pa­te in hob­bies and activi­ties becau­se they want to. You’ll often hear peop­le talk about their pas­si­on. Ever­yo­ne behind “Hope for Japan” and the pen­ding “More Hope for Japan” has a pas­si­on for music – from musi­ci­ans, to labels, to artists and even a pres­sing com­pa­ny. It’s dis­as­ters like Japan’s that make us think, that force us in to intro­s­pec­tion. As such, a group of peop­le deci­ded to help with what they do best:

Music. And that’s what we offer.

More Hope for Japan by More_Hope_For_Japan

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