More Hope for Japan

9th March 2011 was the start of a bad time for Japan. An earthquake, followed by another 2 days later, set the stone rolling for a series of actions that affected the country in a more intense manner than anything else since World War II. The people behind “Hope for Japan” don’t want to initiate a debate on nuclear power, global warming, or other individual aspects of what caused Japans’ pain, the classic media and news channels have covered that from every possible perspective, we want to help.

We are not calling out people to start sending their hard earned money to Japan, although of course you’re more than welcome to do so, we want to make an offer. Across the world, people participate in hobbies and activities because they want to. You’ll often hear people talk about their passion. Everyone behind “Hope for Japan” and the pending “More Hope for Japan” has a passion for music – from musicians, to labels, to artists and even a pressing company. It’s disasters like Japan’s that make us think, that force us in to introspection. As such, a group of people decided to help with what they do best:

Music. And that’s what we offer.

More Hope for Japan by More_Hope_For_Japan

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