And the­re it is again, this tal­king about par­al­lels to groups like Black Sab­bath, Led Zep­pe­lin and many more gre­at bands from the 70th.
But hey, are we not the peop­le who want to hear music like that?
Yes we are and so I‘m very hap­py to lis­ten to the first release from Kada­var.
Becau­se from the first tone you can hear there‘s a band that knows what they are tal­king about. Lin­de­mann, Mam­mut and Tiger play like they never wan­ted anything else and like they did it for a long time.
From the first song you get that lovely Fuzz, the voice is mys­ti­cal and from out of space. Drum and Bass are fit­ting so good to put it tog­e­ther to a sym­bio­ses.
This is one of the records I‘m in fear of hea­ring it to often.
The­re are tho­se simp­le riffs, tem­po chan­ges, parts that lead you to space and back to the melo­dy. Each song has got it’s own, all sound like it’s Kada­var, no fil­ling songs to find.
And at last they play the song Pur­ple Sage feat. Shaz­zu­la top­ping all the gre­at songs befo­re for a gre­at fina­le, wow!

Peop­le often say: If a release from a band is very good it is hard to give ano­t­her gre­at release after that.
I think: Kada­var you star­ted on a real­ly high level, makes me curious to hear what comes in the future.
But hey, that‘s far away. So let‘s play this release again and again, yeah!

The only thing that makes me worry: I hope the fur they wear on the pho­to is syn­the­tic!


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