Faust live @ Monty Hall/Jersey City

 High­ly recom­men­ded!!! 

kraut­rock, avant­gar­de, Ger­ma­ny

FaUSt from WFMU on Vimeo.

The­re is no group more mythi­cal than Faust”, said Juli­an Cope, and inde­ed, sin­ce 1971 the ensem­ble has crea­ted some revo­lu­tio­na­ry, inven­ti­ve sounds that hel­ped to firm­ly estab­lish a Ger­man iden­ti­ty in the realm of psy­che­de­lic rock. Still acti­ve, the band head­lined WFMU Fest at the Music Hall of Wil­liams­burg in 2009, and on this return to the sta­tes, foun­ders Jean-Her­ve Peron and Zap­pi Dier­mei­er are joi­ned for this set at WFMU’s Mon­ty Hall in Jer­sey City on March 26th 2016 by Maxi­me Mana­c’h, Ysan­ne Spe­vack, and Robert Pep­per. This vid­cast went out on Bri­an Tur­ner’s pro­gram, whe­re you can also hear the archi­ve of Bri­an’s 2009 inter­view with Peron: www.wfmu.org/playlists/BT. Thanks to Scott Kon­zel­mann, Mark Koch, Glenn Lutt­man, Ernie Indri­dat, Ruth Hay­duk, Regi­na Gree­ne.

This is orga­nic, shama­nic, lust­ful, repul­si­ve and pro­pul­si­ve, tur­ning into a stran­ge tale of explo­ding heads and parts of corp­ses found in the washing up. Mar­vell­ous!


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