Episode 185

  1. Lord Buffalo – Tohu Wa Bohu
  2. Problem With Dragons – Moon Ritual
  3. Satyrus – Shovel
  4. Ruinas – Instinto Genozida
  5. The Medea Project – Babylon
  6. Smoke Mountain – Midnight Woman
  7. Slaves BC – Third Temple
  8. Zolfo – Inner Freeze
  9. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – With Respect To The Golden Rule
  10. An Evening With Knives – Every Ordinary Day
  11. Lambs – Misfortune
  12. Sator – A Forest (The Cure)
  13. LaCasta – Black Mold
  14. Selfexile – Golem
  15. Witchden – Note To Self
  16. Dopelord – Hail Satan
  17. the Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble – Muscle Memory & Time
  18. Zyclops – Ash

Here are some words of Slaves BC about their song Third Temple:

“With the global pandemic we are now facing, a lot of people are losing their jobs and are really struggling financially. We were going to use this track for something else, but we decided to release it early to raise money to help people we love. For the foreseeable future, any money paid for this track and all other releases by Slaves BC will go to friends in need.

Thank you for your support. Wash your hands.”

So please go to their Bandcamp and buy the song!


Thanks to All NoirMettle Media PR, Imperative PR, Cardinal Fuzz, Metal Nations PR and Red Lead PR.

The intro, outro and background music is from the song Wicked Lady by the band Wicked Lady.

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