Episode 182

  1. Black Capricorn – Omen (march of the arcadians)
  2. Caronte – Queens of the Sabbath
  3. Stoned Monkey – Green House
  4. Silkstone Drift – Like a Ghost
  5. Bölzer – Into The Temple Of Spears
  6. Acid Reflux – B
  7. Verheerer – He Shall Reap A Thousandfold
  8. Sun of the Dying – When the Morning Came
  9. Destroyer of Light – Eternal Death
  10. Villagers of Ioannina City – Dance of Night
  11. Massive Thunderfuck – Colder
  12. Blackwood – Infraworld
  13. Constellatia – The Garden
  14. Surya – The Purpose
  15. Otus – Caballos En La Nada
  16. Urza – Path Of Tombs

Thanks to All Noir, Dewar PR and Secret Service Publicity.

Find a review by Ulla, The Wicked Lady, that she wrote about Blackwood’s EP Of Flies on Metal Bandcamp.

The intro, outro and background music is from the song Wicked Lady by the band Wicked Lady.

The Wicked Lady Show on Facebook.

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