Hur­ray, the Wicked Lady Show is back again!!! 

Epi­so­de 178

  1. High Figh­ter – Kozel
  2. Cruicks­hank – Clean
  3. Thro­ne­ham­mer – Thro­ne­ham­mer
  4. The Black Wizards – Out­laws
  5. Cold Brats – Bro­ken Birds
  6. Fore­ver Autumn – Tir Na Nog
  7. Hele­vorn – La Sibil-La
  8. Moab ‑Fend For Dawn
  9. Reds­ca­le – Phoe­nix
  10. Wills Dis­sol­ve – So Do Not Mista­ke The­se Ashes
  11. Was­ted Theo­ry – Bon­gro­naut
  12. Mat­ti­mat­ti – Cir­kel
  13. Down­fall of Gaia – The Gro­tes­que Illu­si­on of Being
  14. Age of the Wolf – Wit­ches’ Gal­lows
  15. Age of the Wolf – Mol­ten Earth
  16. Hope Dro­ne – In Floo­ds & Depths
  17. Witch­göat – Eyes of the Pro­fa­ne
  18. Way­ne Hus­sey (The Mis­si­on) – Met-Amor-Pho­sis

Thanks to All Noir, Dewar PR, Hyp­no­tic Dir­ge Records, Mett­le Media PR and Shameless Pro­mo­ti­on PR.

Plea­se find the dates for Way­ne Hus­sey­’s Euro­pean tour here,
and tho­se for Down­fall of Gaia the­re.

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