We have a lot of great partners and supporters in the Berlin underground scene that are struggling right now. Here is how you can help: 🎫 🎧🎤🎨🖥📻

Support venues with a donation, i.e. Zukunft am Ostkreuz, SO36, Toast Hawaii, Urban Spree, Wild At Heart
Buy a record or a gift voucher, i.e. from BIS AUFS MESSER Recordstore, FDA Records
Buy a ticket for a show or a gift voucher, i.e. from KOKA36
Buy music and merch from your favorite local artists via Bandcamp or directly from the bands or small merch suppliers, i.e. Beckyard-Merch
Decorate your home with art from your favorite artists, i.e. Sepsyz Art, Glönn, Cany Cartoon or have them design something unique for you
Read a book or poems by your favorite local writer, i.e. from BHN Books
Get a subscription from your favorite small cinema, i.e. Ladenkino
Listen to (online) radio, watch cool live performances via stream and celebrate each other

Stay healthy! Stay home! Stay strong!

See you on the flip side 🖤??

Pic Credit: Andreas Steckmann
Thanks to Swamp Conspiracy for the List.

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