CD for free! Electric Magic 5

Wieder ein geiler Sampler der Electric Magic Leute mit:

01. Radio Moscow – Broke Down (from “Brain Cycles”)
02. Grifter – Slow Boy (from “The High Unholy Mighty… EP”)
03. Iguana – Broken Halleluja (from “B|L|U|E|S”)
04. Good Day To Die – Crush The Skies (from “Hazing Through…”)
05. Toner Low – Two (from “II”)
06. Umor – Uncouthly Thought (from “s/t” EP)
07. Highway Child – Love For Sale (from “On The Old Kings…”)
08. The Machine – Jam No. Phi (from “Solar Corona”)
09. Cojones – Clearing Potion (von “Sunrise”)
10. The Flying Eyes – Lay With Me (from “The Bad Blood EP”)
11. Zaphire Oktalogue – Carrion Fly (from “s/t”)

Electric Magic 5

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