CD for free! – Dolmen Tree

It wasn’t easy for a band like Dol­men Tree to step out of the shadow of Hyp­nos 69. Ste­ve Hout­mey­er­s’ (guitarist/vocalist/founder of Hyp­nos 69/Dolmen Tree) first inten­ti­on with Dol­men Tree was to have a sur­ro­ga­te band when ten­si­ons in Hyp­nos 69 began to impe­de the natu­ral flow in the band. During the six month break Hyp­nos 69 took in 2006, Ste­ve deci­ded to work out some ide­as with Dave Hout­mey­ers (drums Hyp­nos 69/Dolmen Tree) and Robie Stiers (bass). Dol­men Tree recor­ded during a ses­si­on in Octo­ber 2007 6 tracks as a try out. The­se tracks are avail­ab­le as a down­load on the bands MyS­pace page. The trio also per­for­med shows ope­ning for Year­long Dis­as­ter and Sie­na Root.


goto, enter the site, hit ‘Sounds’ and the­re you can get this very fine Demo from 2007 for free!

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