CD for Free! – Buddha Sentenza/MODE 0909 (vbr)


After a see­min­gly ran­dom sonic col­li­si­on over the city of Hei­del­berg in late 2008, the con­stel­la­ti­on of *Bud­dha Sen­ten­za* began to form during the dar­kest hours of that cold and silent win­ter. Deep under the earth, in the hid­den bowels of the Klon­la­bor tun­nel com­plex, the sea­ring strings and poun­ding drums con­den­sed rapidly to form a nebu­lous cloud of loo­se­ly jam­med, spa­ced-out, rocking riffs. Rota­ting free­ly around some of the most anci­ent sound­s­capes – from the astral end of the Pink Floyd to the depths of gala­xies such as Black Sab­bath – Bud­dha Sen­ten­za has con­ti­nued to expand, drawing ener­gy from con­tem­pora­ry con­stel­la­ti­ons as well. Thus, its ele­ments fol­low the trail of ear­ly rock psy­cho­nauts and modern riff­ro­ckers ali­ke, fusing dro­ning riffs, screa­ming solos and cos­mic har­mo­nies into an instru­men­tal sound expe­ri­ence that defies any strict gen­re bounda­ries. The result is a tex­tu­re that com­bi­nes the raw mas­si­ve­ness of rock with the infi­ni­te pos­si­bi­li­ties of outer space.

You can get MODE 0909 by mail. It cos­ts 5€ plus 1.50€ for ship­ping and pack­a­ging insi­de the EU.
6,50 €, thats a deal I think!
No money? Ok then down­load for free on their web­site, just klick the cover to buy or down­load.

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