CD for Free! – AMAROK/Amarok


Ama­ro­k’s debut album. Crus­hin­gly hea­vy doom from Nort­hern Cali­for­nia.

For fans of Kha­na­te, Weedea­ter, Bur­ning Witch, Grief, and for fans of Fun­e­ral Doom and more ambi­ent hea­vy styles, Ama­rok have made the sur­pri­se-release of the year. I was­n’t expec­ting this to be as good as it is and due to the fact that they blend Fun­e­ral, Stoner and Ambi­ent Doom Metal styles so well, this should be high on many an doomster’s shop­ping list. This will be in my top 10 of 2010, high­ly recom­mend you check this band out.….9.5/10”

Hit the cover to down­load, if you like it plea­se dona­te!!!

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