metal doom drone funeral post-metal sludge Ukraine

released 6 September 2013

Let us venture today into the dark and mysterious world of Nonsun, a Duo from Ukraine and their new Ep Sun Blind Me. It is a journey best made on your own, to travel through misty autumn forests and to remember how very much alone you are. Because: you are. Completely. Utterly. Alone.
But let’s not dwell on that, shall we? Let’s talk about this album for a bit. The opener Rain Have Mercy starts with an ambient drone before it moves into slow and heavy riffing that is sludgy and stoner-ish and together with the raspy vocals it creates an atmosphere that is unexpectedly more sad than evil, more melancholy than sinister.
This changes with Forgotten Is What Never Was. A bleak and distorted piece of sound that makes the little dead girl come crawling right out of your television only to bleed all over your carpet. But don’t worry. The carpet is not real. The girl on the other hand…
This song is, as a matter of fact, the perfect musical implementation of it’s title. Like a hopeless reminder of all the relationships you never speak off. Because they never happened, obviously. Take Benny for example. Remember Benny? Of course not. Benny never happened. S/He is lying dead in a ditch somewhere, the autumn leaves falling all around him/her as crows pick at the tasty frozen eyeballs. Far away in the distance an organ plays a funeral anthem, just to make sure this wretched soul is eternally forgotten. I love that song.
As a side note, Rain Have Mercy and Forgotten Is What Never Was have been taken from Nonsuns first EP Good Old Evil and the two new songs that follow are somewhat different indeed. It gets a lot more drone-y and I mean that not in a Sun O))) riff-building kind of way. If anything this reminds me of Earth’s latest Albums: droning noises accompanied by a storytelling guitar. It sounds dark and vast but there is nothing to fear. From time to time, sunlight falls through the cracks in the sky, illuminating the path in front of you. So you follow the music through the darkness until you reach the ocean, you can hear it from miles away: the swelling of the tides, wave on crushing wave that rolls upon shore. It eats away stone and earth, carrying it to the sea. You can see it crack the foundation of everything we’ve built together and watch it crumble. It is an amazing sight.
I expected something evil and sinister, instead I got something sad yet beautiful. Sun Blind Me is labelled an EP but the journey is about 42 minutes long and it is truly rich in variety. I suggest you take the trip.

Review by Anam

metal doom heavy psychedelic Saskatoon, Canada

released 15. October 2013

There is a spaceport in Saskatoon in Canada. The Shooting Guns shoot you with there latest release Brotherhood of the Ram from there right into space.
At the first song they start to groove around in orbit.

But then they start the warp drive at the song Motherfuckers Never Learn to really bring you to places more far away in universe. Steady rocking pumping beats, behemoth sounds driving you into space.

And there you are, reached planet Krautrock, then diving into the sea of planet Peace. Soft groovy sounds with lovely organs and synths let you swim around, very laid back.

But afterwards the warp drive is used again at last song No Fans, letting you fly through the galaxies again, passing a black hole and reaching our home planet again, or is it a parallel universe!?
The sounds of Brotherhood of the Ram are so multifaceted, every time I listen to this release it blows my mind in another way.

If you like bands like Carlton Melton, Pharao Overlord or Camera, this recording is highly recommended for you!

Review by FrÄnk

metal doom sludge stoner rock, Gorizia, Italia

re-release Dezember 2013

“Vol.1” is the debut album (released May 2013, re-release Dezember 2013) of Stoner/Doom band Deep from Gorizia/Italy. On the surface the eight songs of the album are some doom/stoner/desert rock hybrids. They are like a lysergic trip on a thick fuzzy magic carpet through various places and atmospheres, always carrying a bit of the previous mood to the next place.

And still each place, each song, has its own magical mood, drawn from a variety of musical styles and influences. So while one song may sound more like a dark doom song the next one may be a high octane desert rock song and another one a psychedelic stoner track. And you never know, maybe the following one is a mix of all these elements or more.

With a kind of wild and anarchic creativity Deep made an album that takes you on a magic trip with unexpected turns and surprises.

The true magic of “Vol.1” though, lies under the surface on a deeper level.

On this level there is an inherent cohesiveness, an underlying dark lysergic atmosphere, an earthy simplicity and a basic sense of Doom.

The raw and unpolished DIY production just adds to this earthy character in a perfect manner.

You might think these two levels, the “creativity” level and the “simplicity” level, would contradict each other, but no, they go together surprisingly well, they seem to downright complement each other and this makes a great part of why the album is so damn fantastic.

Review by Ulla, The Wicked Lady