1. Electric Citizen – “Evil” from the forthcoming album “Higher Time” out April 2016
2. Mondo Drag “Out of Sight” from the forthcoming album “The Occultation of Light” out Feb 2016
3. Slow Season “Day Glo Sunrise” from the album “Slow Season”
4. Salem’s Pot “The Vampire Strikes Back” (Full Version)
5, Zekes “Box” from Brown Acid “The First Trip”
6. Old Man’s Will “Got It” from the album “Hard Times Troubled Man”
7. Sons of Huns “Philosopher’s Stone” from the album “While Sleeping Stay Awake”
8. Spiral Shades “Frozen Fear” (Originally performed and written by Bedemon)
9. Holy Serpent “Shroom Doom” From the album “Holy Serpent”
10. Spelljammer “The Pathfinder” From the album “Ancient of Days”
11. Monolord “Cursing The One” From the Album “Vænir”
12. Blackout “Tannered” from the album “Blackout”
13. The Well “Crawling Mist” (McPullish Dub Mix)
14. The Picturebooks “Learn It the Hard Way” from the album “Imaginary Horse”

heavy psychedelic fuzz instrumental stoner rock, Netherlands

released Sebtember 2015


Somewhere in the first months of the year 2014 a trio of hairy heavy stoner rockers crawled from their caves to share their music with the world. They work from an old industrial building on heavy new songs. Their lives worship two rules: play loud heavy stoner and bring odes to food. Low and heavy tunes rumble through the ears of by passers and music lovers whom have the guts to stay put and listen. The trio calls itself Whooom and with a combination of low-tuned guitars and drums and a wall of amps they play the gnarliest, heaviest, grooviest tunes a food and music lover can bring!

Favorite track: Kokonut Kong