Big Brain Bumps Festival

Neue Zukunft
Alt-Stralau 68, 10245         map

June 2.
Doors 18:30 | Shows 19:00



Brainbowl Records & East Side Delta & amSTARt present:
– TÕ YÕ [Psychedelic Rock, Japan]
– THE EMPTY THREATS [Post-Punk-Noise, Australia]
– FLVRS [Berlin]
– SECTOR 7G [Visual Art Performance, Berlin]
The „BIG BRAIN BUMPS FESTIVAL” is happening!
On Sunday July 2nd the vibrant Berliner Brain-Wave-Scene wanted to get together once again at the BLO-Ateliers, to celebrate an extraordinary mini-festival under the name of “BIG BRAIN BUMPS”.
As the Deutsche Bahn AG banned the BLO from using its own spaces the event was moved to the Neue Zukunft, new great location of the former Zukunft Am Ostkreuz.
Brainbowl Records, East Side Delta and amSTARt join forces for the first time and the occasion promises to be a fascinating mix of music and art, in which local and international talents will be in the spotlight.
Many are shocked by the unexpected shut down. But a lot can still be done, all the attendees are called to sign the online-petition in support of the BLO-Ateliers:…/retten-sie-berlins-kunst-oase…
One of the most exciting psych bands hailing from Tokyo at the moment. They released their first LP “Stray Birds From the Far East” in Aug 2023 via King Volume Records (USA) and Kozmik Artifactz (EU).
The album is an ambitious journey of experimentation, with a colorful and often unpredictable sonic tapestry that combines aspects of the swirling sounds of the psychedelic giants of the 1970s with traditional japanese folk music, some hints of mediterranean traditionalism and danceable rhythms.
Highly recommended especially if you’re a fan of classic acts like Flower Travellin’ Band and Jimi Hendrix, as well as more contemporary artists like Goat and Kikagaku Moyo. The band has been performing at prestigious festivals and venues in Japan to promote their new record, with notable appearances at events such as the renowned Fuji Rock Festival.
-“The way Tō Yō blends their Asian sounds with their American psychedelic influences helps to create an engaging and delightful musical journey”- The Third Eye
-“Stray Birds From the Far East finds its balance in fluidity and feels like the breakthrough point of a seed that will continue to flower over future outings”- The Obelisk
Energetic/ eccentric 5-piece post-punk/noise-rock band from Kaurna Land/Adelaide in South Australia. With a perfect blend of influences from across many genres and a captivating and unique live performance, the band is a cornerstone live act amongst the Adelaide music community. The band takes influences from Shame, Dry Cleaning & Tropical Fuck Storm.
Visual art team headquartered in Berlin inspired by the psychedelic art of the 1960s and 80s and 90s video art, which we re-interpret in relation to modern techniques and music.
They pursue the art of combining colors, shapes and movement. Space and time. They use all-analogue techniques, so their live performances are unique and unrepeatable. The projections interact and are influenced by the environment.