Ara Lil Yoon + Berliner Lvft

Boddinstraße 60, 12053         map 

March 5.
opens 7pm


Ara lil Yoon and Berliner Lvft are teaming up again to bring the noise at Loophole, Berlin.
Hipps don’t lie, get ready to dance and sweat x


Ara lil Yoon
Maltese/British band based in Berlin, making post-punk, alt-rock music.
Jack – vox

Julian – guitar
Cesco – bass
Jyoti – drums
Luke – guitar, noise.

Berliner Lvft
In the gutters of Berlin there’s a band that howls like a banshee in the night. Berliner Lvft, they call themselves, and they’re a motley crew of misfits who live to drink and get high. Four weirdos who make the devil’s music with aluminum neck guitars and strange tunings that would make your ears bleed. A raw, unfiltered energy that shakes you to your core and leaves you gasping for air.