About FrÄnk

Hi Friends, I’m FrÄnk Mitgerockt fka Der Mitlogger.
For half an eternity I’m living in Berlin in the lovely district of Kreuzberg having a lot of fun here. The most important thing in my life is ROCK. Music, especially live music gives so much energy to me!!!
I’m interested in: Sludge, Doom, Drone, Stoner/Desert, Southern, Fuzz, Psychedelic, Blues, 70s, Rock, Funk, Soul, Krautrock and many more!!!

Bass, Guitar and Drums make my day!!! Hopefully we meet at a concert best in a small club somewhere!!!

The content of FreeYourSoul is based just upon my taste.
I’m looking for hidden pearls and new stuff to spread the word. No other motivation, no comments, just what I like!

So Friends, Rock Life, enjoy life and take care!

Love Peace and Loudness, long live the underground!!!

FrÄnk Mitgerockt
the man with the camel case

where I live: (openstreetmap)